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Langley Automotive Services was founded by me, Neal Fullagar. After working in main dealerships and independent garages for more than 22 years I decided to branch out and create my own company. I realised that for most people taking their vehicle to the garage was serious hassle, so at Langley Automotive Services we come to you. If you’re in Bromley, Beckenham or Croydon and you think something is wrong with your car, get in touch and let us take care of it, so you can focus on your more important tasks.

We love the work we do at Langley Automotive Services. We get the most satisfaction in helping customers who are stressed and frustrated with their vehicles; finding the cause of the problem and providing a cost-effective solution that gets them back on the road. If you need help and car repair services in Bromley, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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At Langely Automotive Services, we come to you. As such, our service is normally a lot quicker. Your car will have our full attention and we strive to fix your car on site at the first instance. We understand that when you can’t drive your car, this will have a serious effect on your day to day life. 9 times out 10, we are able to get your car back on the road on first visit. If we can’t – we’ll book in another visit as soon as possible and suggest the quickest ways to make your car roadworthy.


We understand that some unscrupulous garages may tell you to get unnecessary work done to your car to extract the most money. However, our aim is to provide great customer service and we believe it is imperative to always be honest and trustworthy. We’ll only suggest work when we think it is totally needed.


We are a small company with relatively few overheads, and so we can pass these savings onto you. We undertake the majority of our work on the client’s site and you will find that our rates are extremely competitive. There’s also no call out charge, so if we haven’t been able to help you, you won’t have to pay for it. 



Please, get in touch to book a visit if you’re looking for car repairs in Bromley, Beckenham or Croydon.


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